SGH stands for Stefano | Giulia | Horses 

a passion, a method, a life.


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Giulia Martinengo Marquet

Giulia is the lead rider at SGH and the only Italian  lady rider with two Gold Medals won at the National Championships. Giulia is a proud member of the Italian squad and is competitive in 5* CSI shows. Whilst enjoying the top sports, Giulia dedicates loads of time and passion to the young horses persistently valuing their potential at the best.

A beloved athlete and mum you can often find her in the social sphere but mostly behind good reading books.

Matteo Riva

Matteo is a professional rider who works and lives at Biancaluna Jumping Stud #BJS. Matteo cooperates with SGH with the young ones and starts  the horses around 3 years old through horsemanship methods and introduces them to Jumping. 


Stefano Cesaretto

Stefano Cesaretto is a leading point of reference, both at international and national level, when it comes to selection, training and valuing of horses. A full-fledged entrepreneur, Stefano is totally focused on achieving results through respect of both horses and riders. You'll never find him in the spot-light but you will always find him in action.

Stable Manager Daniela Bruni
Daniela Bruni

Daniela manages the operations at Sgh Stables. Always on top of things she coordinates grooms, the suppliers, veterinary affairs, runs the back-office, assists clients, deals with show management and transportation. 

Passionate about horses she periodically joins the shows herself!

Sergio Melotto

Sergio is an incredible source of information, he is a super genetics expert  and thus is responsible for selecting  stallions and mares for SGH Breeding named Biancaluna Show Jumping Stud.